Innovative system for
heating water from the sun,
saving up to 70% off
the hot water bill.
Easy to
Working principle
The special UVE SMART controller allows the connection of photovoltaic panels directly to a heater without changing the water heater.
1. Photovoltaic panels
They capture the solar energy and convert it to electricity and are connected to the controller by 2 cables. Usually from 3 to 6 panels connected in series are installed, depending on the panel type
and the desired power.
The intelligent controller efficiently converts solar energy into thermal energy, heating the water when needed. It automatically switches to mains power when the sun isn't enough, giving you hot water when you need it, day or night.
3. Boiler
UVE SMART is compatible with most domestic water heaters by connecting directly to the electric heater element. Without modification or additional equipment, it simply connects and
controls the solar panels and
existing water heater.
The mobile application gives
access to statistics for
the energy used
Direct connection
A conventional water heater with electric heating element is used, no need from rewiring
Hot water at all times
Automatic switching to mains
power when needed, works in
off-grid mode too
MPPT technology
High efficiency and full
energy utilization from photovoltaic panels
Smart control
Through our intuitive application, you have unparalleled control over every aspect of your system. You can monitor real-time energy production, analyze data and see how your system is using energy. We provide you with detailed statistics and graphs that will help you better understand your energy productivity and optimize your system.
Order UVE Smart
Invest in a solar water heating system, saving up to 70% on your hot water bill.
Frequently Asked Questions
No, devices with electronics cannot be powered. The output of the UVE SMART is DC (Direct Current) instead of the standard 230V AC (Alternating Current) 50Hz from the mains. Only resistive loads (heaters) can be connected.
Connecting a resistive load directly to the panels is inefficient and dangerous. UVE aSMART uses MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology that changes the output resistance to extract maximum power from the panels by constantly monitoring for changes in solar insolation. A direct connected heater has a constant resistance which, even if matched with the installed panels, would only be optimal for certain conditions of the day and year.

In addition, such an installation is dangerous because it can overheat. The boilers safety system (thermostat) is made to work with alternating current (AC) and cannot interrupt the direct current (DC) generated by the solar panels.

UVE SMART is fully compatible with AC circuit breakers using the additional external protection of boiler safety systems.
Yes. UVE SMART is fully compatible with conventional mechanical thermostats. The heater should not have any additional electronics or motor.
Yes. UVE SMART can operate autonomously only on power from the photovoltaic panels, making it suitable for remote or mobile applications.
UVE SMART can work with most electric or combination water heaters as long as they do not have additional control electronics. Most water heaters have heaters with a power of 2 to 3 kW and are connected directly to the power input without disassembling or changing anything from the electrical connection on the water heater. It is mandatory that the heater power is higher than the installed solar power in order to absorb all the power from the sun.
Yes, the UVE SMART has a graphical display from which it can be fully set up and controlled, as well as see statistics on the energy generated up to 10 years ago. The application enables remote monitoring and management of the system, as well as a more convenient visualization of the history of the device.
No. UVE SMART does not support charging batteries or other electrical devices.
No. Double-check the connection of the cables from the photovoltaic panels to the UVE SMART, because the wrong polarity will cause damage to the unit, which is not covered by the warranty.
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